Twelve of the first fifteen presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, were enslavers. Not until the 44th president, Barack Obama, was someone of African descent in the oval office. Items from 2008 features multiple items based in racist aspersions against Barack Obama, including ones evoking slavery. Even though he is a Christian, Islamophobic slurs proclaimed him to be secretly Muslim and all Muslims as violent terrorists. An especially virulent “birther” lie that Obama was not born in this country is one that Donald Trump helped to spread. After Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Vice President nomination, Trump questioned her citizenship status as well. Anti-Trump items target him as being racist and xenophobic, pointing to his 2016 characterization of some Mexicans crossing the border as criminal and rapist, to his Muslim ban, to his alleged reference to African and Caribbean countries as “shitholes,” and to his promise to enforce “law and order” in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests. Some items point to Joe Biden’s statement that any black people who do not vote for him “ain’t Black” as racist.


The Divided States of America
Cards and Canards
Who Is "America"? Whose "America" Is It?
Racism & Xenophobia
Immigrant Detentions and Contentions
Man Up
MeToo Movements
Misogyny and Misogynoir
Threats of Harm & Electoral Violence
Bullying, Shaming, and Lying
Pandemic Politics
Unmasked Meanings
God on Our Side
Gun Battles
Black Lives Matter
Pop Archetypes
Fake News, Troll Tidings
Disinformation and Conspiracy "Theories"
Talking Back to the Cap
Making and Remaking America
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