Many items on all sides activate and express homophobia. Some depict Trump in a sexual relationship with international “strong-man” type authoritarian leaders. He is regularly placed into a sexually submissive relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a notorious homophobe. Others show him engaging is sexualized weapon play with an infantilized Kim Jong Un, autocratic leader of North Korea. One 2020 T-shirt takes the letters LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and relabels these . The gun is the type of assault rifle used in the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting, and the design first appeared on a threatening flyer anonymously mailed to a LGBTQ rights organization. A related T-shirt changes the “B” in LGBT to Brazil’s homophobic and strong man type president Jair Bolsonaro. In 2016, detractors mocked Hillary Clinton as a secret lesbian. Underlying all these aspersions, on both left and right, is a bias against assertive women, feminine men, and LGBTQ+ people, casting them as “abnormal” and unqualified for political office.


The Divided States of America
Cards and Canards
Who Is "America"? Whose "America" Is It?
Racism & Xenophobia
Immigrant Detentions and Contentions
Man Up
MeToo Movements
Misogyny and Misogynoir
Threats of Harm & Electoral Violence
Bullying, Shaming, and Lying
Pandemic Politics
Unmasked Meanings
God on Our Side
Gun Battles
Black Lives Matter
Pop Archetypes
Fake News, Troll Tidings
Disinformation and Conspiracy "Theories"
Talking Back to the Cap
Making and Remaking America
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